Management Philosophy

Agriculture, Fishery and Animal Husbandry League in Wong Gong since  1973 has transformed from traditional industry into resources reuse & recycle. In 2002, an oyster shell processing plant was established to make abandoned oyster shells into natural feed and fertilizer, solid and liquid organic fertilizers further developing biotechnology, recreation and leisure, and information management.

 It is a plan that we hope create more job opportunities due to the global financial crisis causing high unemployment.

It is improvement for local living environment to recycle local agricultural, fishery and animal husbandry.

It is protection for the earth environment. to promote non-toxic and organic agriculture.

Nowadays, the gap between urban and rural areas is shortening. This virgin breeding area remains unopened and even during the feudal period. Now that the area is fully opened, there is the world’s most extensive intertidal zone, where there are nearly 100 species of fish and shellfish living in the coast as well as mangroves and wild bird ecology, where modern people dream of being close to the beautiful base of the natural park.It is hope to take this opportunity to introduce national tourism for civil servants, outdoor ecological teaching for school groups, and domestic and foreign sightseeing tours. We must make full use of our potentiality to make comprehensive plans to create job opportunities and unlimited business opportunities.


Deeds over the years

Guarantee Responsibility. History of the Agriculture, Fishery and Animal Husbandry League in Wong Gong. In November 1966, the "Provincial Land Resources Development Committee" identified this area as a development target. It took more than a year to build the embankment after the investigation. Beaches were turned into fertile land where there are 462 hectares of new land.

Initially, it focused on planning farmland, but after trial planting, due to the salt entrainment in the sea breeze, it was difficult to improve the soil due to the uneven development of rice seedlings, resulting in suboptimal harvesting, which made farmers sigh.

In September 1969, the "Elsi Typhoon" struck again. At the same time, the sea was flooded, causing the north bank to collapse more than 400 hectares. The land became a vast ocean overnight, which made investors hesitate and the buyers were few. Until 1971, the founder of the agency, Mr. Hong Yunyi, studied that the area was not suitable for rice cultivation, but could cultivate light and saltwater fishery products and shellfish. The first application to the Land Resources Development Committee for trial production of clams, a few months later achieved good results.

After the success of the trail which promoted and, Mr. Xu Duanxiang, the general director of the 「Pitou Township Farmers’Association」, also applied for 90 hectares because he condsidered it worthwhile.It shows where there is bright future.

After then he has successively invested in aquaculture. At the time, 「President Jiang, Mr. Jingguo」 encouraged the integrated management of agriculture, fishery and animal husbandry, and instructed us to think about the development of animal husbandry and fishery at the same time.Therefore, it is recommended to raise pigs which feed fish as well.

It is achievement(I am for everyone and everyone is for me) to support the government's decision-making .

On February 15, 1973, the "Changhua County Government" approved the preparation with Zhangfu Heshe Zi No. 20055.

After more than a month of hard work, local merchants joined as the main members and subscribed for league shares.
After the committee's conference, it is the decision that we named the society as Agriculture, Fishery and Animal Husbandry League .

In October 2001, the whole plant of the "Oyster Shell Treatment Plant" in Kushe was completed and trial started to manage.

In 2005, the head office " Wanggong Fish Village Tourist Service Center " officially managed "Wanggong Intertidal Ecotourism".


Future hope

The league has undergone over 47  years of management and transformation. The core value and goal of the league has also been established. The main business is the manufacturing and trading of oyster shell meal and biotechnology (agriculture and fishery) product, solid and liquid organic fertilizer, compound fertilizers, in-depth ecological tourism in Wanggong , promotion and marketing of recreational fishery.

Under the impact of the global financial crisis, the unemployment rate remains high. It is the opportunity that the agency expands its business scale and increase profitability. It is hope to create various employment, solve national unemployment, and help some weak family to handle social problems.

The mid-term goal, it is the hope that we can expand the business area with the website and increase revenue from loss to profit.

The long-term goal, we expect that we guide our people to switch the traditional planting into non-toxic organic agriculture, and to protect the environment to keep the earth alive.

Eco-tourism in Wanggong has launched a regional brand to promote international tourism.