The most proud humanistic environment in Taiwan,
the origin of pearl oyster-Wong Gong.

The unique "Pearl Oyster" breeds in the special intertidal environment in Taiwan,and converts into high-purity calcium oxide (CaO) through a special process, and developed into related products such as oyster shell calcium oxide through mechanical tests.

Agriculture, Fishery and Animal Husbandry Cooperationin Wong Gong was founded in 1973, and there are 462 hectares of new Haipu land,transfermed from traditional industry into resources reuse & recycle. In 2002, an oyster shell processing plant was established to make abandoned oyster shells into natural feed and fertilizer, solid and liquid organic fertilizers further developing eco-tourism recreation vacation and leisure, turning beaches into fertile land.In 2013 the chairman Miss Zhuo Shuhui leading the biotechnology team made the most use of Pearl Oyster & Oyester Shell,realizing innovative R&D in Wong Gong.
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