There are hundreds of problems when planting crops, 🌱
Whether it is disease, insect pests
🐛, etc., nature always tests our patience.
In addition, I also hope that the crops will grow rich and beautiful. The composition of the soil is also closely related to the pH value.
We sort out common problems, corresponding solutions in case of pests and diseases, and applicable agricultural materials.
For example: if you want to eliminate scale insects, aphids
🦟, etc., use neem oil;
To neutralize acidic soil, you can use Calcium Oyster 2 or Oyster Powder;
If you want your crops to grow big, fat
🍅, bright and beautiful🍍, use enzyme nutrient solution.
Even the pH of soil and fish farms can be improved.

Come to Wang Gongnong Agricultural Fishery and Animal Husbandry Production Cooperative, so that everyone can have a happy farm 💪💪💪