[Calcium Oyster Good 2 makes crops grow better!!]
In addition to oyster oyster powder, our fertilizer products also have another dark horse-calcium oyster good 2. The effectiveness of the product should not be underestimated!
It can improve soil pH more quickly, neutralize overly acid soil, and can enhance the absorption of nutrients by plant root hairs.
After using Calcium Oyster Hao 2, a peanut farmer happily told us that the peanuts he harvested this time were full and beautiful. In the past, calcium oysters have not been used. 2. Peanuts will be planted in black, and the appearance is not very good, and the pesticide needs to be sprayed three times during the planting period, which is not small to the crop and the human body. After adding calcium oysters, he reduced the number of pesticide additions to one, and peanuts can also grow very beautiful! It is also recommended for farmers in need to use it.
In addition to being used in soil and crops, this product can also be used in fish farming to improve water quality and increase benefits.
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